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We provide industry leading complete WiFi systems for Home & Business (with guest mode if required). Let us fix your poor WiFi signal.


Complete Home WiFi System

We hear a lot of people especially in larger homes complain about WiFi signal / internet speed, the problem is one WiFi router from your internet supplier and cheap plugin booster are not the best way to solve the issue. We can install a complete WiFi System in your home to improve WiFi signal and internet speed / performance. We can also support this if you wish. Contact us today for a free quote.

Complete Business Wifi & Public WiFi

Complete Business WiFi System

We can install a complete business WiFi system for you similar to the home system, but with the ability to add a public WiFi network with a marketing splash page that is fully secure and separate from your main network and computers. Many businesses do not realise that the guest WiFi network needs to be secure to stop the public accessing your computer, systems or tills etc. We can provide WiFi for indoors & outdoors. Transform your coffee shop, bar, shop, salon, or restaurant's free WiFi into a marketing machine.


Internet Bonding

Are you in a rural area with a slow internet connection, we can use special kit to truly bond to lines together to increase speed and reliability.

Complete WiFi Systems for home and businesses in Hinckley, Burbage, Leicestshire, Warwickshire & The Cotswolds

Complete Home and Business WiFi System, Setup, Install, and Support
Do you have an issue with a Sky Router; we know how to fix a fault Sky will not resolve.
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